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The Dream Shake Regular Season Awards: Most Improved Player

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It wasn't the regular season that many of us expected, but given the circumstances, an impressive late-season run and another near-playoff miss could serve to provide a sturdy foundation for the future. But now that it's over, it's time to hand out awards. In this case, you get to vote on who wins. We'll have a different award to hand out each day, so keep checking in. Feel free to discuss your reasoning for making a particular vote in the comments.

We begin with the Most Improved Player award. Keep in mind: A) The only Rockets eligible to receive the award are those who have played with the team from the 10-11 season's start to finish, so if you were pushing to revive Terrence Williams' morale with a blog award, think again. Also, B) The award gauges improvement from THIS SEASON ONLY.

Have at it. Spread the word. Let's get as many votes on this as we can.