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The Dream Shake Regular Season Awards: Most Impressive Victory

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It wasn't the regular season that many of us expected, but given the circumstances, an impressive late-season run and another near-playoff miss could serve to provide a sturdy foundation for the future. But now that it's over, it's time to hand out awards. In this case, you get to vote on who wins. We'll have a different award to hand out each day, so keep checking in. Feel free to discuss your reasoning for making a particular vote in the comments.

Previous Award: Most Improved Player

Contrary to the recent past, the Rockets took care of business against the inferior teams this year, only to find themselves without the typical slew of underdog victories that defined their 2009-2010 season. While there were certainly a few key wins here and there, nothing defiantly stood out. There were opportunities to pull off these types of wins, sure, but all too often the Rockets came up just short of grasping one of those impressive victories. However, I think the following list fits the bill decent enough (let me know if I missed anything, it's a long season):

Note: There are a few wins against superior teams that are omitted due to opposing star players being injured. See: @Utah, @Boston.