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Dreamshake Staff To Interview for Rockets Head Coaching Job

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Never let it be said within our hearing that Daryl Morey isn't open to new ideas.

The Houston Rockets, employing proprietary statistisophical research, have (not) announced that they are widening their coaching search further still. The ever-expanding dragnet will now (not) include the world's finest Houston Rockets blog named for a Hakeem Olajuwon scoring move -

We at the Dreamshake are of course flattered by the ersatz consideration, and the wide ranging thoroughness of the Rockets' search for a new coach. We would take on the coaching of the Rockets the same proactive and synergistic way we take on blogging about the Rockets (haphazardly, never in agreement, likely to be suspended when coaching against the Jazz).

We believe the idea of crowdsourcing the on-court leadership of the team is an idea that possesses a certain utterly daft merit and that it should (never) be fully explored. You, our faithful readers, will be therefore be included in the decision-making process should we, as a blog, be hired to coach the Rockets.