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Rockets vs Hawks

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It's another one of those annoying early start times. It sort of messes up the whole day to have to start trundling to TC at 5ish. Which Hawks team will show up? Who knows? I doubt they know.

The Rockets need to run the table of their remaining games and get divine intervention in the form of New Orleans losing almost all of its last games. I honestly think Houston as its playing now will make a better showing in the playoffs than NO, but that doesn't matter unless we get there.

In other news, with the Spurs swooning, and the Lakers surging, I wonder how much LA should want Memphis is the first round? Memphis is entirely capable of beating LA. Marc Gasol is tough on his brother, no one on LA can really contain Randolph and Conley should run roughshod over Fisher. If I was LA I'd think long and hard about taking on Memphis in the first round. They'd probably win, but it could take a real toll.

Anyhow, all this playoff stuff almost certainly won't be a problem for Rockets fans until next season. I'm predicting there IS a next season, and it's barely late at all. The NBA owners and players need to make hay during what looks to be a thermonuclear NFL confrontation. The NFL is super popular, but for me at least, it's getting more difficult to enjoy, which is the subject of another rant for someplace else.

Anyhow, this has been a fantastically good NBA season, and I hope the NBA won't blow it with a protracted fight. I also really like the looks of the Rockets going forward - almost everyone important is locked up for at least another year (except Chuck and The Yao Conundrum) and our shopping list consists of "Center". If Thabeet brings his D League game to the NBA, we sign or draft a center and somehow, someway, Yao is ok, we'd be in high cotton indeed.