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Budenholzer Unlikely To Join Rockets Coaching Carousel

For those of us who were excited to see Mike Budenholzer's name appear on the list of potential Houston Rockets head coach candidates (*raises hand*), it appears that the longtime San Antonio Spurs assistant will not be joining the fun.

Mike Monroe of Spurs Nation talked with Budenholzer after the Spurs were eliminated by the Memphis Grizzlies on Friday night. Simply put, it doesn't sound as if Gregg Poppovich's top assistant wants to captain his own ship just yet.

"I'd prefer not to say anything and just keep my name out of it as much as possible," Budenholzer said of the speculation that he will be a candidate for head coaching jobs.

"It's hard to explain. I'm very flattered and it's something I want to do someday, but for right now, I've decided the best thing for me and my family is to stay in San Antonio.

"That could change at some time, but for the foreseeable future that's how I feel, and that's how I've felt for the last little while."

Budenholzer has been with the Spurs since 1994 and has been an assistant ever since the Tim Duncan era began. He has accomplished plenty in San Antonio - that's a huge understatement, actually - so you'd think that he might consider taking a higher paying job elsewhere now that the Spurs' best days are behind them.

However, the job that Budenholzer currently holds is nothing to frown over. It pays just fine on its own and it's a position that he has obviously grown comfortable holding. Add to that the desire to maintain a stable family situation and it's easy to see why Budenholzer prefers to stay put.

I suspect that some coaches are magically drawn to the idea of becoming THE guy in an organization and will therefore be willing to change not only their own life but their family's as well. Perhaps Budenholzer isn't one of those people. I can't fault anyone for maintaining a presumably good status quo.

Should Budenholzer indeed stay with San Antonio, the Rockets have given themselves a boatload of other options. Stan Van Gundy is the favorite should he become available. From there, my preferences lie in Dwane Casey, Lawrence Frank or even Memphis assistant Dave Joerger, though I have a feeling New York might snag him as an assistant to help re-shape their defense. There are plenty more names, such as Jack Sikma, Mario Elie, Sam Cassell, Mike Woodson and even Kevin McHale and Kelvin Sampson, but Casey, Frank and Joerger remain the most appealing in my book, though I'm sure this will change in the coming weeks.