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Yao Ming Does Not 'Tolerate' Infringement, Sues Chinese Sportswear Company

In an attempt to keep Yao Ming relevant around these parts, I thought I would share this story I came across from China Daily by way of Reuters (emphasis mine). Yao Ming is suing a Chinese sportswear company for using his name without permission.

The towering Houston Rockets center has filed a lawsuit against the company for using the label "Yao Ming Era" on its shoes without his consent, Yao's management said.

Lu Hao claimed the sports maker also used Yao's signature and portrait on their products while promoting them across the country.

"We want to send out a word that such infringements are not tolerated by Yao Ming," Lu told the China Daily.
Yao, who is under contract with Reebok, registered his name as a trademark in 2002 to protect his rights and for a possible future in the sports apparel business after retiring.

This made me chuckle. Does not tolerate? This could have said "does not appreciate" or is "not happy with" the actions taken by the company. But no, that wouldn't suffice. 

Word needed to be sent out. And now, we have all been made aware. If you'd like to infringe against Yao Ming...