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Stein: McHale Will Get Second Interview With Rockets's Marc Stein is reporting that the Rockets will interview Kevin McHale for a second time.

Via Twitter:

Kevin McHale will "soon" get second interview w/Rockets. Lawrence Frank and Dwane Casey already interviewed twice. So Rockets will this week (possibly as soon as WEDS) complete second round of interviews w/those three finalists: McHale, Frank and Casey.

Looks like there isn't a clear frontrunner yet. I still don't trust McHale as a head coach, no matter what kind of "presence" he could bring to the organization. Frank and Casey each have my vote, though I'd prefer Casey if pressed. McHale must be wowing Daryl Morey, Les Alexander and Co., because it's pretty clear that in coaching inept Minnesota Timberwolves teams, Dwane Casey was the more effective of the two.

It's my belief that the Rockets would like to hire a coach before the June 23 NBA Draft, if nothing else for the purpose of having a definite direction. For example, should the Rockets hire a coach with a more defensive-minded mentality, perhaps a defensive stalwart such as Chris Singleton could be the pick.

In any case, look for a hire within the coming weeks.