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The Dream Shake's 2011 NBA Draft Board: Pick 1

The Dream Shake has never done a community draft board for our Houston Rockets before and I'm not entirely sure why. They're actually pretty fun, given our differing opinions on many of these prospects. So, without further ado, I'd like to introduce the inaugural TDS Community Draft Board.

(cue fireworks and Bon Jovi's "Raise Your Hands")

Now, if there is one point I'd like to make in choosing how to rate these prospects, it is this: This is not a mock draft. For each pick we make, you will choose who you'd like the Rockets to take were they in that position. Therefore, by the time we are finished, we will have a community board of our very own "top prospects." Also, make the pick that YOU would make, not the pick that you think Daryl Morey would make. Sound good?

In a dream scenario, the Rockets have landed the first overall pick. Do we take Kyrie Irving? Or do we go for Derrick Williams? OR, will someone play the Ignorant card and draft, say, Donatas Motiejunas (note: please don't do that)?

It's up to you. The poll will last until noon tomorrow. And then, we'll do this again. Make your selection, DreamShakers.