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NBA Mock Draft: Rockets Select Tobias Harris, Josh Selby

Here's my much-unanticipated NBA mock draft. Currently, I have the Houston Rockets taking Tennessee F Tobias Harris and Kansas G Josh Selby. No, no more Jeremy Tyler, though he could always sneak back into the mix. It's mock draft season: be prepared to see extensive draft board movement for absolutely no reason.

So, why these picks for Houston? Harris is a balanced, versatile player with plenty of upside in each area of his game, though none of those areas really stand out. I like to think of him as this year's version of Patrick Patterson, only the small forward (yes, small forward) version. Like Patterson, he's a smart guy with few holes in his game.

Selby is an admittedly crazy selection, but I have two reasons for this:

1. Houston already has its developmental big man in Hasheem Thabeet. If they can trade up to select Enes Kanter or Jonas Valanciunas, they'll gladly do so. But if they stay at fourteen and select a forward, I don't see them tossing another unproven center such as Jeremy Tyler or Lucas Nogueira into the mix.

2. The Rockets have made safe picks and safe decisions for the last few seasons, but given the changes currently ongoing within the organization, it's time for them to take a flier on a risky draft pick. Selby could be a really good point guard at some point, but it's going to take a lot of work. If the Rockets want to land top-shelf talent, a late first-round risk might be the easiest way to go about that process.

Just to annoy you, I haven't listed anything more than a two-line explanation for any of these other picks. Also, I don't know why Jordan Hamilton fell to nineteen.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers - Kyrie Irving

He's the best player in the draft. They need a point guard.

2. Minnesota Timberwolves - Derrick Williams

He's the second best player in the draft. They don't need a forward.

3. Utah Jazz - Brandon Knight

Devin Harris is good. But Brandon Knight could be better.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers - Enes Kanter

Kanter is the best available. How much do they love Hickson or Varejao?

5. Toronto Raptors - Kemba Walker

I don't know who is on this team. Kemba, The Leader, gives them a boost.

6. Washington Wizards - Jan Vesely

Give John Wall an athletic running mate. His name is Jan Vesely.

7. Sacramento Kings - Kawhi Leonard

The Kings need a lot of things. A small forward is one of them.

8. Detroit Pistons - Jonas Valanciunas

Why did they sign Charlie Villanueva? Jonas shouldn't fall past here.

9. Charlotte Bobcats - Bismack Biyombo

They need size and defense. Hey look, it's Bismack Biyombo!

10. Milwaukee Bucks - Marcus Morris

They need help everywhere. Why not take someone who can do a little of everything?

11. Golden State Warriors - Alec Burks

Offense and jumping ability. Alec Burks.

12. Utah Jazz - Jimmer Fredette

Must. Happen.

13. Phoenix Suns - Donatas Motiejunas

Can shoot, can score. Sounds like a Sun.

14. Houston Rockets - Tobias Harris

15. Indiana Pacers - Klay Thompson

He's a shooting guard more so than Granger or George. Kevin Martin, part two?

16. Philadelphia 76ers - Tristan Thompson

Mareese Speights isn't working out. Try Tristan Thompson.

17. New York Knicks - Markieff Morris

Big bodies are needed in the Big Apple. Markieff is the best available.

18. Washington Wizards - Chris Singleton

Take one offensive-minded small forward, take one defensive-minded small forward. Versatility!

19. Charlotte Bobcats - Jordan Hamilton

How he fell this far is beyond me. Dream scenario for Charlotte.

20. Minnesota Timberwolves - Nikola Vucevic

This just seems right. Hooray, Kahn.

21. Portland Trailblazers - Kenneth Faried

Ford says the Blazers love Faried. I'll take his word for it.

22. Denver Nuggets - Marshon Brooks

J.R. Smith is no guarantee. Neither is Brooks, but he's got a clean slate.

23. Houston Rockets - Josh Selby

24. Oklahoma City Thunder - Tyler Honeycutt

Could use more athleticism behind Durant, Westbrook, Harden. Honeycutt is long, just needs development.

25. Boston Celtics - Charles Jenkins

Ray Allen is getting old. They need size, but they need it now (sorry, Jeremy Tyler).

26. Dallas Mavericks - Davis Bertans

Deferring to Ford on this one. This isn't my job.

27. New Jersey Nets - Reggie Jackson

Reggie fell too far. Nets give themselves nice backup.

28. Chicago Bulls - Travis Leslie

They need a shooting guard. Brooks is off the board.

29. San Antonio Spurs - Darius Morris

Some people have Nogueira here. Morris could be a steal.

30. Chicago Bulls - Norris Cole

Literally zero explanation. Zero.