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Robert Horry Loses Teenage Daughter To Rare Disease

Take a moment, everyone, and say a prayer for the Horry family. 

Ashlyn Horry, the 17-year-old daughter of former NBA player Robert Horry, died today from "severe respiratory issues and a host of other complications requiring a six month stay in Texas Childrens Hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit," according to a report posted on Black Sports Online.

Ashlyn underwent numerous tests and multiple surgeries, according to the report, and nearly died on several other occasions. She was diagnosed with a chromosome abnormality so rare it did not even have name.

For the former Houston Rocket and his family, this must be a terrible situation -- the worst. A story like this goes beyond my boundaries of thought and analysis. It stands alone as an incredibly unfortunate tragedy.

That said, I will make a brief point: upon publishing this post, I cannot tell you how odd it will be to scroll down the blog's front page and take notice of comments on topics such as mock drafts and whether or not the world should hate LeBron James. To see those comments, and then to scroll up to read this post... it should remind everyone of what and who ultimately matters most.

Update: Have a look at this piece about Ashlyn from former LA Times writer Tim Brown. On Twitter, Brown referred to Ashlyn as "the sweetest little girl I ever knew."

Update 2: If you'd like to donate to the Ashlyn Horry Foundation, click here.