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The Dream Shake's 2011 NBA Draft Board: Pick Nine

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Kawhi Leonard has slid into the TDS Draft Board's eighth slot, and that seems about right.

Leonard ranks highest among this year's crop of small forward prospects. He's a long, dynamite athlete with the potential to become a plus-defender, and compared to fellow defensive stalwart Chris Singleton, he's further along on offense. Leonard's jump shot leaves plenty to be desired, but he has reportedly shot the ball well during workouts.

For now, Leonard can finish effectively around the rim and can handle the ball in traffic. He doesn't possess the same two-way potential as Tobias Harris or Jordan Hamilton, but I think he's the surest bet to develop into his own valued niche as a player. On the topic of player comparisons, I don't know if Leonard will ever be able to score like Gerald Wallace, but I think that's an appropriate name to consider nonetheless.

Remember, this is not a mock draft. It's a list of draft prospects in order of preference. Take players whom you'd want - don't try to guess what Daryl Morey will do.
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