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NBA Mock Draft 2.0: Houston Rockets Land Bismack Biyombo, Tobias Harris

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Somehow, according to my imagination, the Houston Rockets could potentially land both Baloncesto Fuenlabrada center Bismack Biyombo and Tennessee forward Tobias Harris. It's only a mock draft -- now the second that I've drawn up -- but at the end of the day, somebody has to make the selfish bold prediction that nobody else saw coming, right?

I did it. I finally turned my dream scenario into a written-out dream scenario.

Biyombo would be an absolute steal at fourteen. He's long, athletic and has the pure determination to be an impact player. I think one thing that has escaped us in our assessment of Hasheem Thabeet has been his general lack of toughness and his inability to rebound despite his size and length. Biyombo boasts these traits as if they are his children. In watching him on tape, it's clear how much he thrives on pure drive and emotion.

Harris has been a favorite of mine from the start of this process. I've said it many times before, but I consider him to be one of the most complete players in the draft. Nothing that he does will scare any defenders or opposing ballhandlers away, but at the young age of eighteen, it's encouraging to see how far along Harris has already come in developing a balanced, two-way game. That said, he will require a little fine-tuning in a few distinct areas, most notably his jump shot.

So, how could the Rockets manage to land a player at No. 23 that I pegged to be a lottery pick two weeks ago? Take a look for yourself, once again with only a two-sentence blurb per pick at your disposal.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers - Kyrie Irving

He's the best player available. They need a point guard.

2. Minnesota Timberwolves - Derrick Williams

He's the best player available. They don't need a forward.

3. Utah Jazz - Enes Kanter

Kanter goes a tad early. Utah banks on The Jimmer to be there at twelve.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers - Jan Vesely

Cleveland passes on Valanciunas. They need wing help, if only because Alonzo Gee was their starting small forward.

5. Toronto Raptors - Brandon Knight

Knight gives them the point guard they need. Toronto passes on the other four positions they also need.

6. Washington Wizards - Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi just seems like someone who'd go sixth, like Ekpe Udoh. He'll give Washington a solid, ready-to-go player on the outside.

7. Sacramento Kings - Kemba Walker

Kemba will sell seats. That's the most important thing.

8. Detroit Pistons - Jonas Valanciunas

Valanciunas lands in Detroit, to be paired with Greg Monroe. This is probably his floor.

9. Charlotte BobcatsMarcus Morris

Morris can do a little of everything, and the Bobcats need a lot of everything. That makes sense.

10. Milwaukee Bucks - Klay Thompson

It's between Thompson and Burks. I went with Thompson, solely based on his reportedly insane pre-draft workouts.

11. Golden State Warriors - Alec Burks

I'll buy into the Monta Ellis trade rumors and assume Golden State will look for a replacement. Burks is the best shooting guard available.

12. Utah Jazz - Jimmer Fredette


13. Phoenix Suns - Tristan Thompson

Thompson gives Phoenix a young big man. He won't remind anyone of Amar'e, but he could grow to be a solid player.

14. Houston Rockets - Bismack Biyombo

15. Indiana Pacers - Markieff Morris

Indiana goes with size. They already tried to trade Josh McRoberts once, so who says they're not looking for a power forward here?

16. Philadelphia 76ers - Jordan Hamilton

It's between Hamilton and Singleton. I get the feeling Philadelphia would rather take the scorer.

17. New York Knicks - Marshon Brooks

New York doesn't need much scoring, but screw it, why not take a scorer anyway? Brooks fills a need at shooting guard and I can't imagine the Knicks shying away from a potentially high-usage, low-efficiency wing.

18. Washington Wizards - Donatas Motiejunas

Motiejunas won't provide much on the defensive end. However, with Leonard in tow and John Wall swiping for steals, the Wizards won't mind adding a stretch four with his stroke.

19. Charlotte Bobcats - Chris Singleton

This has got to be Singleton's floor. For some reason, I keep picturing Charlotte landing a steal here.

20. Minnesota Timberwolves - Nikola Vucevic

Minnesota likes foreign players. Vucevic gives them the size they've been looking for.

21. Portland Trailblazers - Kenneth Faried

Faried and Portland just seem right for each other. He'll give them a heck of a board-hunter off the bench.

22. Denver Nuggets - Nikola Mirotic

Denver isn't going to land an instant game-changer here, so why not take a risk with Mirotic? He's apparently a stud whose current overseas contract has him sliding down boards.

23. Houston Rockets - Tobias Harris

24. Oklahoma City Thunder - Tyler Honeycutt

Just another young wing for Oklahoma City to develop. Honeycutt gives them an outside shooting presence that they need.

25. Boston Celtics - Josh Selby

Selby isn't an instant fix for Boston. However, with time, he could develop into a great scorer for Doc Rivers and Co.

26. Dallas Mavericks - Davis Bertans

Everyone has made this the Davis Bertans pick. I'll play along.

27. New Jersey Nets - Reggie Jackson

Jackson gives New Jersey a solid backup point guard. Should Deron Williams bolt, he'd be a nice stop-gap.

28. Chicago Bulls - Charles Jenkins

Backcourt scoring is needed in Chicago. Enter Charles Jenkins, a 22-point-per-game scorer in college.

29. San Antonio Spurs - Darius Morris

Morris could be a steal at 29. George Hill is more of a shooting guard anyway, and Tony Parker isn't getting younger.

30. Chicago Bulls - Justin Harper

Harper gives Chicago more size up front. Specifically, he can stretch the floor and knock down shots, making him a player with whom Derrick Rose wouldn't mind sharing the court.