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The Dream Shake's 2011 NBA Draft Board: Pick Ten

Bismack Biyombo is a curious character. He's freakishly long, has a ferocious lion complex and has garnered a cult following of NBA draft experts. And yet, he is a raw steak on offense.

Nevertheless, Biyombo needs to go here, if not earlier. He has the potential to be a prolific game-changer on defense and could develop into a premier rebounder with time. Thing is, he doesn't have a cheery, American name and hasn't been on anyone's radar as long as have other players, so people tend to get scared of him.

Now, things get interesting. Who goes after Biyombo? Whatever you choose to do, I ask only this: please... please do not pick Jimmer.

Remember, this is not a mock draft. It's a list of draft prospects in order of preference. Take players whom you'd want - don't try to guess what Daryl Morey will do.

Previous Selections:

1. Derrick Williams

2. Kyrie Irving

3. Enes Kanter

4. Jonas Valanciunas

5. Jan Vesely

6. Brandon Knight

7. Kemba Walker

8. Kawhi Leonard

9. Bismack Biyombo