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NBA Draft Reader Questions: The Dream Shake Wants To Hear From You!

The Dream Shake will be back in the Northeast for this year's NBA Draft with your truly as its fearless representative. Media day precedes the draft itself, and as you might have noticed last year, I'll have the chance to talk with a number of prospects. Chad Ford released the names of the draft's green room invitees, so while I expect each of these players to be in attendance for the media session, I'm not entirely sure if the media day lineup will be limited to the prospects listed below:

Kyrie Irving (Duke); Derrick Williams (Arizona); Enes Kanter (Turkey); Brandon Knight (Kentucky); Kemba Walker (UConn); Jonas Valanciunas (Lithuania); Jan Vesely (Czech Republic); Kawhi Leonard (San Diego St.); Chris Singleton (Florida St.); Klay Thompson (Washington St.); Tristan Thompson (Texas); Jimmer Fredette (BYU); Marcus Morris (Kansas); and Alec Burks (Colorado).

A 15th name has been added -- Markieff Morris of Kansas. Markieff is Marcus Morris' twin and also widely considered to be a top 20 draft pick.

For now, I expect to pay special attention to the names who have been previously mocked to Houston (Singleton, the Morrises, the Thompsons), but depending on the crowd, I could wind up talking to everyone in attendance.

In any case, I've got two tasks for you:

1. What Questions Would You Like Me To Ask The Prospects?

Here's your chance to have a burning question answered firsthand. I'll have my own list of questions for the prospects, but if there is anything that you'd like to hear one of the players answer themselves, sound off!

2. What Questions Do You Still Have About ANYTHING Draft-Related?

Have any prospects left you yearning for more information or opinion? Are you still unsure of which prospects are right for the Rockets, or are you curious as to what I think Houston should do? Let me know. As I've said before, I'm not the connected type in the mold of Chad Ford or Jonathan Givony (obviously), but I think I've done enough research on this draft to be able to make a few predictions. I'm also planning on recording a pre-draft podcast the night before the draft, and I'll be able to answer plenty of questions for which I may have found answers during media day. Let your questions be known!

Relay to me your questions and thoughts in the comments. If I don't think I can adequately address an issue, I may be able to bring in someone who can. Don't hold back: let me know what you're thinking. This is your chance to be heard, folks. Make it happen.