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The Dream Shake's 2011 NBA Draft Board: Pick Six

Jan Vesely is finally off the board, and deservedly so.

I think I've drastically mis-scouted Vesely. I pegged him an offense-first guy, but he's clearly capable of becoming a good defender based on his size athletic ability alone. Mind you, a defender's mental makeup and personal dedication to defense is key, but Vesely appears to be on the right track. Ideally, he's exactly what the Rockets are looking for: an athletic defender on the wing who can get out in transition and knock down an open three at a decent rate.

Jump to vote on the sixth pick for the draft board:

Time for pick six. To refresh your memory, If there is one point I'd like to make in choosing how to rate these prospects, it is this: This is not a mock draft. For each pick we make, you will choose who you'd like the Rockets to take were they in that position. Therefore, by the time we are finished, we will have a community board of our very own "top prospects." Also, make the pick that YOU would make, not the pick that you think Daryl Morey would make. Sound good?

Previous Selections:

1. Derrick Williams

2. Kyrie Irving

3. Enes Kanter

4. Jonas Valanciunas

5. Jan Vesely