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Finally, A Player Wants to Come to Houston...But Do We Really Want Him?

The news is breaking all over twitter this morning that the Atlanta Hawks are gauging trade interest in the talented Forward, Josh Smith. Yahoo sports' Adrian Wojnarowski is also reporting that his list of preferred teams to be traded to is New Jersey, Boston, Orlando and your Houston Rockets.

While it is rather refreshing to hear that a player would like to come to Houston after the events of free agency and trades the past couple of years, I have to ask if Josh Smith is really a player Rockets fans would want. Because I don't.

Hit the jump and I'll explain why.

The moment Atlanta gave Joe Johnson one of the stupidest contracts in the history of sports, it was a foregone conclusion that Josh's time in Atlanta was counting down. Especially with Al Horford's rookie contract running out and them coming to a large extension agreement. So this news of Smith being shopped is nothing surprising, really.

Being born and raised in Atlanta during the days of The Human Highlight Film, Dominique Wilkins, I've been a supporter of the Hawks franchise through the high's and (mostly) low's. And in doing so, I've watched Josh Smith play his entire NBA career now. What I have learned about the young man is that his talent and potential is limitless. The boy has some gifts that only a handful of players in the league have. But what he also has is some serious attitude problems.

Yes, J-Smoove will have those games where he puts up 25 points, has some poster slam dunk and has 6 or 7 blocked shots and you'll think he is about to become a superstar. Then the next game he will camp out behind the three point line and just jack up three after ill-advised three, play no defense, argue with his coach and just pout the rest of the game. The guy is a knucklehead personified.

I'm not denying his talent, because it is there. But his current contract (2 years, $25 Million plus remaining) and baggage isn't worth the package it would take to acquire him.

I say pass.

What do you guys think?