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2011 NBA Draft - What's Your Hope For Tonight?

With the millions (and the millions!) of the trade rumors floating around out there in the past 24-36 hours for your Houston Rockets, who knows what will go down tonight. We heard a lot of thunder last year at this time but inevitably saw no lightning as the team stood their ground and took Patrick Patterson, claiming that was their target all along. But if that happens again this year, those sentiments may not please the ever-growing discontented Rockets fans. I'm not saying Daryl needs to make a move just to make a move. But he needs to show us that he has a plan in place, whatever it may be.

A poll and more thoughts after the jump...

I'm not a fan of some of the trade rumors I've heard thus far. For example, Courtney Lee's name being involved with the 14th pick to Milwaukee to move up to #10 and attain Ersan Ilyasova doesn't do much for me. But I think I've read a rumor about Houston trading up to every pick in this draft from 2-10. So I believe that with two first round picks, we're more likely to see some kind of move than Morey standing pat tonight. Even if it is a minor move, I expect to see something. The question remains if it will be viewed as an improvement or not.

The honeymoon is over with fans immediately thinking Daryl Morey is a genius with any roster move he makes. Fans want to see a legit big man placed on the roster and some of these many assets we hear so much about being used to make a splash of some sort. Trading assets to acquire more assets is fun for a little while. But after a few years, we want to see them go towards something worthwhile.

With that said, vote in the poll on which scenario would you most like to see unfold tonight & explain any different answers in the comments below.