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Open Thread: 2011 NBA Draft - Round 1

The time is here at last for the 2011 NBA Draft!

Unless something crazy like a blockbuster trade goes down, this will be your thread for all 1st round draft discussion.

As of right now, there have been mentions of the Rockets trading up from 10 all the way up to number 2.  We've heard the names of Courtney Lee, Chase Budinger, Patrick Patterson and even Jordan Hill come up in trade rumors. So it would appear that cheap, young talent is the only thing on our roster other teams are interested in. Because I've yet to hear a peep of Luis Scola or Kevin Martin departure talks. But this was expected.

As far as all of the Josh Smith hopefuls, the latest is that Atlanta is trying to trade him to Minnesota for the #2 overall pick. This would make me happy on two fronts; first, he doesn't become a Rocket and second, the Hawks can finally draft a Center.

But what will Daryl Morey do? Does he stand pat and select one of the "22 players" he has graded as "First Round Talent" with 14 & 23? Or does he swing for the fences and try to jump up high in the lottery for a young guy he has his heart set on? The time has come to find out.

Put on your lucky Robert Horry jersey, say a prayer and cross your fingers for hopefully something special.