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Open Thread: 2011 NBA Draft - Round 2

After some crazy wheeling and dealing, Brad Miller is no longer a Rocket. While no tears will be shed over that in Houston, you may want to keep the tissues handy if you aren't a Johnny Flynn fan. Because he is the guy coming over in exchange for him.

Coming with him is the rights to seven footer Donatas Montiejunas, who many in the comments seem to not care for but I like him. Hell, I thought we would take him at 14. Houston had to give up its 38th & 23rd to get him though. But the rumor still persists that Daryl will be trying to buy picks in the 2nd round.

It's been an underwhelming night for most who were expecting a splash of some type. An unproven international guy and yet another power forward in Kansas' Marcus Morris, who many are calling a Patrick Patterson clone, isn't exactly what most had in mind this morning with all of the trade rumors.

Personally, I'm avoiding the knee jerk reaction. We all said before this began that it was a weak draft. So we shouldn't be too disappointed with who were bringing down. The bigger question is if Luis Scola's days are now numbered in a Rockets uniform with the increased power forward glut.

Let's see if something happens in the 2nd round here.