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Get The Red Out - Kevin McHale IS Walkin’ Through That Door

In this week's edition of Get The Red OutShriramPat & myself discuss at great length everything from the hiring of Kevin McHale as the new Rockets coach, if Kevin Martin & Luis Scola should be dealt, if Yao should be brought back and who should play Center for the Rockets next season.

We also take you around the NBA and discuss The Finals, the LeBron vs Jordan debate, If Dirk Nowitzki is a glorified flopper and a long debate on the five best Center's of all time. I also gives a very balanced opinion on Jason Terry.

This is the longest show in history at over an hour and a half, so I apologize for that, but with this being the last show until something of significance happens with the roster we had a lot to talk about. And we do talk about the Rockets & NBA the whole time. No non-sports talk here. We leave that format to local sports radio.

So, as always, lower your expectations, put on the phones and press play below.

All episodes of Get The Red Out & Luv Ya Steel Blue are now available on iTunes. So, if you're a glutton for punishment, go ahead and head over there and subscribe to never miss an episode or catch up on past disasters.

Also, I've had a lot of people ask me what the soundtrack is that we use for the program. It is all 100% the great and mighty Daft Punk. Their tunes can make anything better...even our rambling. Enjoy!