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The Dream Shake's 2011 NBA Draft Board: Pick Seven

Kentucky PG Brandon Knight finally comes off the board at number seven. Sure, I'll bite.

Knight at his core is a score-first guard, but plenty of these types of have transitioned effectively at the next level, namely Deron Williams and Russell Westbrook. I, too, have Knight ahead of Kemba Walker, and to be honest, if Houston were to trade up, I'd take Knight... but not Walker. Strange, I suppose. I see too much Aaron Brooks in Walker, and yes, that's not something that thrills me. He could end up being a great player, but he's a little too risky. Knight, on the other hand, is up there with Irving in terms of established talent and ability and is a few inches taller as well, but nevertheless, some have yet to be convinced that he can play the point in the League. I'll agree to disagree.

Remember, this is not a mock draft. It's a list of draft prospects in order of preference. Take players whom you'd want - don't try to guess what Daryl Morey will do.

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2. Kyrie Irving

3. Enes Kanter

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6. Brandon Knight