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Houston Rockets Head Coach Kevin McHale adds two new names to his coaching staff

The Houston Rockets have added two new coaches to their coaching staff to go along with Chris Finch.  McHale has been rumored to be putting together an "all star assistant" staff.  I'm not sure from a giant names list that's true, but from a coaching standpoint it certainly is.

Finch we know pretty well as the Rio Grande Valley Vipers and England National team coach.  Also as the rumored guy to be next in line after McHale.  The Rockets and Daryl Morey seem to have a lot of faith in him as a coach.

Kelvin Sampson is definitely a name.  As a hater of everything OU (never have figured out why they aren't UO) I actually have a lot of respect for Sampson as a coach.  He's won everywhere he's been as a head coach and he won't have any NCAA violations as an NBA assistant.  Plus, are texting and phone calls really THAT big of an issue?  Or is the NCAA just too lazy to fix actual problems?  His coaching ability is up to a high standard, and like him or not, he's a great hire for the Rockets.

J.B. Bickerstaff is Bernie Bickerstaff's son.  Yep, that's about all I have for you.  Okay, he was on the staff with Minnesota for four years.  NOW that's all I have for you.  I hear good things, but he's an NBA assistant coach with T-Wolves experience, not sure how much you can glean from that.

Either way, the reviews have been positive across the league today, with me not seeing much negative.  I'm happy with the hires even if I have to deal with a dirty Sooner.