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Notes From The Abyss: Rockets Land 2013 All-Star Game

Ah yes, return to civilization. Internet is alive and well in my spacious, slightly asbestos-ridden Columbia manor (or townhouse, depending on your sense of humor), and as such, it's time to get back to posting. Good thing basketball is in full swing.

I googled "Houston Rockets" and came across the following batch of daises:

For the second time in seven seasons, Houston will play host to the best of the NBA's best as the 2013 All-Star Weekend was awarded to the Rockets earlier today.

The news speaks for itself. Assuming Nate Robinson is barred from the dunk contest (let's face it: his inclusion is basically the equivalent of throwing Shaq in the three-point shootout), I'm stoked. As SB Nation Houston editor David Coleman notes, should this upcoming season be canceled, Houston will play host to the first post-lockout All-Star game. Neat.

I'm a little surprised the league decided to come back to its starless city so soon. Perhaps it was just an accident.

*  *  *

"Mr. Stern?"


"Houstongetstheallstargameifyousay what."


"Oh, nothing. I'll take care of it."