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VOTE: The Dream Shake For Houston's Best Sports Blog



Great news guys: sports blogging awards exist. They also exist in Houston and not just in D.C. Guess which fun-loving Rockets blog that rhymes with Ream Hake snuck into the running?

Yup, the Dream Shake is a finalist. A real, legitimate, not-just-my-mom-pranking-me finalist. We're under the category for best sports blog in Houston, though I was hoping to snag an additional spot as one of six nominees on the Health/Fitness/Medical list. Surely, the Houston Rockets could yield enough injury posts to at least make people consider it.

Major kudos to whoever nominated us, and thank you for the kind words. I'm telling you, considering the company we're with on that list, it means a lot.

If we win this, I somewhat promise that all of your wildest dreams will come true. Heck, all of my wildest dreams will come true, because my dreams are sort of lame.


We're quickly approaching 3 million visitors and 6 million page views. So if all of you would like to come back and vote, that would be just fantastic.