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Adelman Speculation Raises Questions For Rockets

Rick Adelman is discussing contract terms with the Minnesota Timberwolves. You read that correctly.

From's Ric Bucher:

Rick Adelman is returning to Minneapolis on Tuesday to meet with Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor about the team's coaching vacancy, according to a league source.

Two people with knowledge of the situation told The Associated Press on Aug. 24 that Adelman had met with Taylor during his first interview in Minneapolis, but the league source said Monday that Taylor's health issues kept the two from talking face to face.


Adelman told reporters a month ago that he was planning to sit out the season, but his return to Minneapolis only fortifies the impression that his feelings have changed.

Just a few days earlier, CBS Sports dropped this bit:

Evidently, the Wolves had a pretty good pitch.

According to KSTP-TV in Minneapolis, Adelman is very interested in the job. So much so that he's even lining up would-be assistants.

Yet another reason to combine Houston, Sacramento and Minnesota. They evidently enjoy doing business with each other's current or former commodities. Just put 'em all together and save everyone the time. They'll play in Wichita, Kansas and take over the world.

So Rick Adelman is OK with putting up with young talent? He's okay with coaching a mediocre squad? Hmm.

Jonathan Feigen told me in an interview a while back that Rick Adelman's "competitiveness" has always flown under the radar. He's not a fiery personality like Kevin McHale, but he's a winner. He gets his players to win. Perhaps it's that competitiveness that has him considering the challenge of winning in The Icebox.

I took the tech route on this topic and whipped out the recorder. Here's five minutes of thoughts and analysis on Adelman, the Timberwolves and what the speculation says about Houston's front office:

Rick Adelman To The Wolves?