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The Greatest News in NBA History : Steve Javie is retiring

Rick: Remember, over there, that's where Hakeem almost punched you
Rick: Remember, over there, that's where Hakeem almost punched you

You can read nice stuff here or your can read how much this news is incredible for not nice reasons on this here blog.  Steve Javie is one of the most ridiculous officials in basketball history.  This news would only be better if it happened when Hakeem was still playing as Javie is the only person in the NBA that could stop him.  Steve, I hate you, and if this was still 1990, Hakeem would too.  

He is the only referee that I honestly have a personal dislike for.  Spare me the "but he's a nice guy in person", because I don't know him.  I just know that teams the NBA wanted to win mysteriously pulled out some funny wins under him.  I also know that he had to have hated Hakeem Olajuwon, who in case you missed it has a bit to do with the naming of this blog.  Hakeem would fume when Javie would referee his games because he knew he'd be called for at least two ridiculous fouls and the other team would be allowed to hack him repeatedly all game long.  He also made the worst call I've ever seen on Yao against Dwight Howard, when Yao was 5 feet from Howard and was called for a foul.  

The NBA has had 2 months of inexplicably bad PR moves.  But this one I think was done for us fans.  They had to know how happy this would make everyone but Lakers or Celtics fans.  So congratulations NBA, even if you guys are too stupid to figure out a labor deal, at least you don't have to have this douche on the court anymore.