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Game 11 Thread: Rockets vs. Kings (and Chuck Hayes!)

Start Time: 7:00 PM CST
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Sactown Royalty

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All-Star voting has started. Cast your vote for Kyle Lowry right now. You can't vote for two teams of five Kyle Lowrys, but you can cast a vote every day (more if you're the least bit imaginative!) until February or something. Also you get a chance to win a trip to fabulous Orlando for the All Star Game. So go vote for Kyle. Kyle is currently an ABSURD 6th in All-Star Voting, so get to it.

Bad news, everyone: The worst jerseys of all time will be returning next year (only as throwback alternates, thank God).

The Rockets’ pajamas get ups – and they have been called much worse – will serve as throw-back uniforms, which come to think of it, looks like a misspelling of throw up uniforms.

The league wants its teams to wear the throw-back stuff every few years and the Rockets have already worn the championship season uniforms and the old San Diego green uniforms. The stripes, excuse me, "exhaust fumes" will return. One would think they had been burned, and all pictures of them, destroyed. But no. They will be back, bringing memories of those days long ago 10 years ago.

If you want to blame Les Alexander for something, blame him for this.