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A Reminder: Daryl Morey Turned A Used Gum Wrapper Into A Starting Lineup

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I'd like to take full advantage of Chandler Parsons' recent baptism as an NBA starter. Just a second round pick, Parsons has continued Daryl Morey's recent trend of scoring what Colonel Hans Landa would flamboyantly refer to as, "That's a BINGO!"

So, in case you aren't up to date on Morey's genius or the phenomenal timeline (during his tenure) that paved the way for the current starting lineup (which is quite good, don't you forget), have a seat, grab that Capri Sun and refresh yourself:

PG: Kyle Lowry -- Acquired from Memphis for Rafer Alston. Also received Brian Cook, for the occasional laugh.

SG: Kevin Martin -- Acquired from Sacramento for Carl Landry. Selected Landry in the second round of the 2007 NBA Draft.

SF: Chandler Parsons -- Selected Parsons in the second round of the 2011 NBA Draft.

PF: Luis Scola -- Acquired from San Antonio for Vassilis Spanoulis and a second round pick. Also received Jackie Butler, whom we can all thank for brilliantly serving his role as a salary dumpee.

C: Samuel Dalembert -- Signed Dalembert to a two-year deal with a team option after the first year. The Golden State Warriors signed Kwame Brown to a contract that pays a similar yearly amount.

To recap this little rags-to-riches story, Houston's starting lineup consists of the following:

Three second round picks, Rafer Alston, Vassilis Spanoulis and a free agent at a great price. You all may now collect your jaws from the floor.