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Game 13: Rockets v. Wizards Game Thread

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Tip off is set to begin soon and I don't see a thread up about the game. This is the game I should be at but due to financial constraints is not. The Rockets are looking to make it three straight against a Wizards team that for all intensive purposes is made inept by its coaching staff. The Wizards have the size advantage but the Rockets have cohesion and quality coaching. I'm really reaching to get to the word count limit to put this thing up, so I think you all should appreciate the effort I can marginally put into this. Make sure your predictions are in the preview thread if you want TCWHRO to count it.

Again here are important links for you today:

Washington Wizards SBNation

Shameless Kyle Lowry bump

And a reminder, no posting of illegal links or streams to the game in order to cover SBNation's policy regarding websites that share pirated information.