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Rockets' Marcus Morris to the D-League

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Going into training camp, some said that Marcus Morris could be starting at the 3 in a month's time. That is not going to be the case.

With Morris' playing time going to Patrick Patterson, Chandler Parsons, and Terrence Williams, the Rockets have made the decision to send Morris to the Rio Grande Valley Vipers of the D-League to allow him to play full time, Jonathan Feigen reports.

Here's what Daryl Morey had to say about the move:

Fortunately, we're a team it's very hard to come in as a rookie and play. We like all our young players to go through a process before they get on the floor. Marcus is someone with very high level of talent and someone we feel will benefit greatly from playing and working on his game."

Morey continues on to say:

Our focus for Marcus is to work on his defense and his offense at the three.

They are apparently going to try to get Morris some more work at the small forward position, his likely future spot. Because of his 6'8" frame, Morris would likely struggle to take advantage of his advanced post game as a power forward but could create myriad mismatches as a small forward, hence the move. In the end, Morris' success in the NBA will depend on his ability to defend the quicker threes that are sprouting up in the league.

Years ago, this demotion to the D-League would be an embarrassment for a lottery selection. After seeing Patrick Patterson, Aaron Brooks, and others take the trip down to the Rio Grande Valley, it's clear that the stigma is gone. Let's hope that Morris flourishes as he should in the low-pressure environment.