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Game 16 Preview: San Antonio Spurs vs. Houston Rockets

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No matchups today. We know the Spurs pretty well by now. Four games, an overtime period, and a lot of history in general are on the table.

The Spurs lost their first home game of the season last night to the Kings. They are 1-5 on the road. In other news, they still have that Tony Parker guy. And Tim Duncan is good I think.

If the playoffs started today, the Rockets would have the 13th pick in the draft. Hooray for tanking!

The Rockets have not been playing well during this win streak. Seeing "W5" in the streak column is great, but the Rockets haven't had a complete game in the bunch. I don't expect the good guys to outscore everyone 30-20 in each quarter, but it would be nice to see the team put together 48 minutes of solid basketball. I want to see the "Play T-Will and Thabeet!" comments in the game thread and not think, "Oh God no!" Though tonight may not be the night for that, as the Spurs will be looking to avenge last night's loss.

Interesting fact: of the top 10 teams in the Western Conference, only two have played more road games than home games so far: Oklahoma City (#1) and the Rockets (#10).

Prediction: Spurs out for blood, win 99-93

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