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Game 6 Preview: Houston Rockets vs. Los Angeles Clippers

I am still fuming about that game farce last night. I know we make jokes about how the NBA favors the Lakers all the time, but last night I almost punched my laptop about 10 times. That game was an absolute crock.

Good thing our opponent tonight isn't a team from LA whom the league wants to protect. Oh crap...

If the Rockets can touch Blake Griffin, we can win. If Blake gets the Kobe treatment, then we're screwed. Last year when we played them in Houston the refs generally let Chuck Hayes bang him in the post to a certain extent. When we played them at Staples Chuck couldn't breath on him, and Blake had an easy time racking up points and rebounds.

But it's not like the referees determine the outcome of the games. No, everything is completely fair and balanced. Like Fox News! Oh dear I'm in the middle of Republican country and making bad political jokes. See what you've made me do Stern!

And, the Rockets suffered their first injury of the year as Courney Lee went down. Right now it doesn't seem to be an Achilles, so that's great news.

Referees tonight are Bill Spooner, Kane Fitzgerald, and Tre Maddox. Last year, the Rockets were 2-1 with Spooner, 0-3 with Fitzgerald, and 1-1 with Maddox.

Matchups (and more bitterness) after the jump:


PG: Kyle Lowry vs. Chris Paul:

It's Showdown Time. Chris Paul read my last preview and is out for blood. He wants me to know he's still the dominant point guard in the Western Conference.

Kyle Lowry has my back, though.

Advantage: Rockets. Yeah, I said it.

SG: Kevin Martin vs. Chauncey Billups:

Billups missed the last game with a sore groin. Good thing he's coming back for our game. Wouldn't want him to miss that, would we?

K-Mart, you have to attack the basket. Stop barely making contact then falling away. That's not your game. You can't complain about a lack of foul calls when you're not earning them. You earned them last year, but so far I've seen a tentative Kevin Martin who is content with hanging around the three point line. Want to know who else did that? Brian Cook.

Speaking of Brian Cook, he's the only backup big that the Clippers have right now. We need Jordan and Griffin to pick up fouls.

On the other hand, be ready to play heavy minutes Kevin. Your primary backup is out and though I'm becoming more and more impressed with T-Will, he's not there yet.

Advantage: Rockets

SF: Chase Budinger vs. Caron Butler:

Hello Chase Budinger. I missed partying with you. Go with it!

Butler is averaging 15 points per game this season on 45% shooting. Not bad.

Advantage: Clippers

PF: Luis Scola vs. Blake Griffin:

He jumped over a car. I get it. But it's not as impressive as the NBA making it out to be.

Blake Griffin is a beast, though.

I think Griffin gets his calls tonight and gets 30. Not enough though.

Advantage: Clippers

C: Jordan Hill vs. DeAndre Jordan:

I guess I can't call either one Jordan. Then you won't know who I am talking about. Actually...

Jordan is better than Jordan.

DAJ is averaging 9/7 and 4 blocks per game so far on 67% shooting. When you dunk a lot that happens.

On the other hand he's shooting 42% from the stripe. As terrible as that is, it's an improvement on his career average of 41%. So, Hack-a-DeAndre?

Advantage: Clippers



Clippers: Ryan Gomes, Brian Cook, Randy Foye, Mo Williams

Rockets: Corndog, Showtime, Other Chase Budinger, Tweet-Will, Legit Center, Beast, P Piddy

Advantage: Rockets


Clippers: Reggie Evans, Eric Bledsoe

Rockets: Courtney Lee out

Prediction: Rockets pull it out 98-94

Make sure you get in on TCWHRO (we have to figure out another way to say that)'s fantasy basketball game. Details here. Just make your predictions in the comments, and maybe explain how you came to that conclusion so we have something to talk about