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Game 7 Thread: Rockets @ Thunder

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Start Time: 7:00 PM CST
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Welcome to Loud City

Useful Reminder:

It's the Rockets' 45th-Anniversary Season, so is having fans vote for All-Decade teams. Right now we're voting for the All-'70s team. It's sort of unclear if the fans are actually choosing the teams or if we're just "helping," but whatever. Go show Calvin Murphy, Moses Malone and Rudy T some love. The final team will be presented on January 13th.

Marcus Morris will be making his first start at RGV tonight. The Vipers will be facing the Dakota Wizards at 7PM. So, if for some weird reason you don't want to watch the Rockets but want to see their minor league affiliate, the NBADL provides free online streams here. And if for some reason you don't want to talk about the Vipers with us, you can probably go talk about them (and Morris) at the SBN D-League blog Ridiculous Upside.

All-Star voting has started. Cast your vote for Kyle Lowry right now. You can't vote for two teams of five Kyle Lowrys, but you can cast a vote every day (more if you're the least bit imaginative!) until February or something. Also you get a chance to win a trip to fabulous Orlando for the All Star Game. So go vote for Kyle. Unless you're really upset about the battery charge, in which case don't, I guess.