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Did a FSN documentary reveal a failed draft night trade between Rockets, Bobcats?

Some really shady evidence found on the Internet suggests that the Rockets and Bobcats were perhaps in talks to make a big draft night trade.

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Last month, Fox Sports South aired a documentary called "Driven: Tougher Faster Stronger, The 2012 Bobcats Draft" surrounding the Charlotte Bobcats' NBA draft campaign, which was no doubt dampened by the fact that the 'Cats wound up selecting second in the draft as opposed to first. You're wondering why I am telling you this. Well, keep reading.

A poster at (a forum for rabid Bobcats fans... *sigh*) posted the other day that at some point in the documentary — which I have not seen and have not found online — a few of the offers that the Bobcats fielded for the No. 2 overall pick showed up on the screen. Here's what the poster went on to say:

Dunno if anyone caught this but during the draft part (just before it started), they very briefly showed a whiteboard with all the teams slots on it. In the top right were four "trades" written down, as follows (edited for clarity). Thank God for pause on DVR.

Cleveland: 2, (undecipherable name, possibly with a R or B? Probably Bismack or Byron?) [then and arrow pointing to] 4, 24

Minnesota: 2, Matt Carroll [arrow] 5, 2 future 1sts, Wes Johnson

Houston: 2, Tyrus Thomas, Matt Carroll [arrow] 12, 16, 18, Chandler Parsons, Kyle Lowry

Houston: 2, Tyrus [arrow] 8, 12, 16, Parsons

To paraphrase, according to the screenshot taken by this BobcatsPlanet poster, the documentary suggests the Rockets may have offered all three of their first-round draft picks, Chandler Parsons and Kyle Lowry in exchange for Matt Carroll, Tyrus Thomas and the No. 2 overall pick.

Now, let's be fair. I don't have enough proof to suggest:

A) If it was actually Houston's offer. It could have been Charlotte's.

B) If it was ever actually offered. It could have been theoretical.

At the same time, I think it's an interesting look into the draft day trade process. These trade ideas certainly seem realistic enough to have gone down, and I'm only posting this because they obviously didn't shake out this way.

Take this for what you will. I think it's good food for thought, if nothing else.