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The Rockets Will Win... Wait, How Many Games?

The hometown team is only projected to win 30.5 games in 2012-2013 season.

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Once again it is that time of year where the experts are coming out to talk NBA and the Houston Rockets. With new faces everywhere on the Rockets roster, the team is not projected to light up the win column.

According to, the Rockets are only projected to win 30 1/2 games this season, and this is after a strike shorten season (66 games) where they were able to scratch out 34 wins during the 2011-2012 campaign.

The Rockets have a younger and faster team now with the additions of rookies Jeremy Lamb, Terrance Jones and Royce White, and throw in Jeremy Lin, Omar Asik and Donatas Motiejunas, the lack of expectations across the basketball landscape in building. Experience goes into win totals, and with the lack of a real superstar the Rockets are projected to have the 4th lowest total of wins in the NBA.

Take a Look

2013 NBA Win Totals

Miami Heat 61

Los Angeles Lakers 59½

Oklahoma City Thunder 59½

San Antonio Spurs 53½

Boston Celtics 50½

Indiana Pacers 50½

Los Angeles Clippers 49½

Denver Nuggets 48½

Chicago Bulls 47½

Memphis Grizzlies 47½

Philadelphia 76ers 46½

New York Knicks 45½

Dallas Mavericks 44½

Brooklyn Nets 44½

Atlanta Hawks 42½

Utah Jazz 42½

Minnesota Timberwolves 39½

Milwaukee Bucks 35½

Portland Trailblazers 35½

Golden State Warriors 34½

Phoenix Suns 33½

Cleveland Cavaliers 31½

Detroit Pistons 31½

Toronto Raptors 31½

Washington Wizards 31½

Houston Rockets 30½

Sacramento Kings 30½

New Orleans Hornets 24½

Orlando Magic 23½

Charlotte Bobcats 22½

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If you ask me the number is too low for my taste, and the Rockets will win more than the projected 30.5. With a "New Era" of basketball coming to Houston, if anything, the Rockets will run their way to higher win total than what the experts say. With the youth movement and some veterans in the mix, this team will be competitive on the court.

Here at The Dream Shake we are still trying to figure out if that win total is to high or too low, so we are asking for your help if this number is accurate or not for the Rockets in the upcoming season?