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The Dream Links: Monday, October 15

The Dream Links: Where you don't have to feel bad about having negative knee-jerk reactions to Lin's preseason play.

Earl Sleek

Jesus, don't you just HATE the Spurs? And blackout rules? And the Green Bay Packers? Ugh, terrible weekend this turned out to be.

Your links:

(Now with More Youtube!)

Ultimate Rockets » Experienced Spurs exploit mistakes of young Rockets
Experienced Spurs exploit mistakes of young Rockets

[10-12-2012] Houston Rockets Vs New Orleans Hornets Full Game Highlights HD - YouTube
Highlights from that good game from this weekend.

Failure to launch ... Knee injury aside, Jeremy Lin may not be what Houston Rockets bargained for - NY Daily News
Tough times for everybody’s favorite point guard. Everybody but James Dolan, that is. More than six months after undergoing surgery to repair a torn meniscus, not exactly a catastrophic injury by any stretch, Jeremy Lin continues to cite problems with his left knee for his early struggles with the Rockets.

NBA Preseason Rush - YouTube
Clippers, Jazz and Knicks were all winners in Saturday's NBA Preseason action.

Full-Court Press: Carlisle describes the Rockets as energetic
DALLAS -– By the time the upcoming season is history, the Dallas Mavericks will have played the Houston Rockets four times. Unless they meet at some point in the playoffs. So, when the Mavs play a preseason game against Houston...

Around the Association:

The Thunder need to pay James Harden now - Grantland
The Thunder claiming they are just a poor, small-market team that can't afford James Harden doesn't work in today's NBA.

NBA Rumors: Could Derek Fisher re-sign with Los Angeles Lakers?
With either Steve Blake or Chris Duhon likely to be traded by the Los Angeles Lakers, a void could open up at point guard. Is Derek Fisher really an option?

NBA Sunday: The Josh Smith Contract Reality | HOOPSWORLD | Basketball News & NBA Rumors
Expect to hear plenty of Josh Smith contract talk but the reality is it doesn’t make sense for the forward to sign an extension

SLAM ONLINE | » David Stern Not Interested in Adding NBA Team Overseas at the Moment

Game Review: 'NBA 2K13' is visual slam dunk with familiar formula - San Jose Mercury News