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The Grizzlies in Houston

While the Rockets have retooled, the Grizzlies have gotten healthier and added valuable experience.

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Kevin McHale has got six rotation players and he's looking to add a couple more. As the season edges closer, it's anyones guess as to which Rockets newcomers are going to show some consistency.

Jeremy Lin is feeling better on his knee and Kevin McHale wants to give him more minutes. Marcus Morris, who was finally starting to rebound from a rough rookie season, is the only Rocket out tonight. Royce White will suit up for his second game as negotiations are still taking place behind the scenes on getting him from game to game.

Three years ago, the Memphis Grizzlies were the last of Houston's worries. These days the Grizzlies are looking more and more like a championship contender. The Grizzlie's inside out offensive game plan and perimeter defense are enough to make Kevin McHale drool. Zach Randolph was once regarded as the toughest cover by Chuck Hayes who claimed he could not be moved and now he's healthy. Marc Gasol has been the better Gasol brother for a season now. Tony Allen and Mike Conley might be the best defensive backcourt in the association.

As the game progreses, let's try to put ourselves in Kevin McHale's place and figure out a bench squad that is going to win us games this season. Who is first off the bench? Who get's the most minutes? Who do we use situationally and how?