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VIDEO: Highlights From Rockets-Grizzlies has the highlights (and a spiffy new front page, might I add).

The Houston Rockets beat the Memphis Grizzlies in Houston on Wednesday night. They had to overcome a Grizz lead in the second half, as well as a buzzer THAT SIMPLY WOULD NOT SHUT UP for about five minutes until the referees basically said 'screw it' and pulled out an air horn for the remainder of the game.

I suppose that's in the rulebook, or something.

Either way, we saw some good stuff from the veterans, and once again, a few flashes from the rooks. Each time they put something new on the table, that's a positive. Royce White's insane arsenal of passes, I'm convinced, is infinite.

Maybe I'm the only one noticing Omer Asik's productivity. This guy looks like a legitimate starting center right now, and I know it's preseason, but he's doing his thing. The question: Can he keep it up for, say, 60+ games? We'll see.

'Tis all for now. Enjoy the video.