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Houston Rockets-New Orleans Hornets Game Preview

The Rockets will travel to New Orleans tonight to take on an Anthony Davis-equipped Hornets team.

Thomas Campbell-US PRESSWIRE

Tonight I get my first chance to watch number one pick Anthony Davis on national television as the Rockets attempt to pull off the ever coveted and extremely meaningful preseason sweep.

The Houston Rockets have were given a chance to catch their breath and collect their thoughts half way through the preseason. McHale and company have flooded the team with new information. Let's see if any of the coaching sticks.

The Matchups

At the point: Jeremy "100%?" Lin vs. Greivis "General Grievous" Vasquez

At the two: Kevin "I Thought They Stopped Calling That" Martin vs. Austin "Daddy's Little Man" Rivers

At the three: Chandler "Leon Phelps" Parsons vs. Al-Farouq "The Chief Has Arrived" Aminu

Down low: Terrance "Best Rookie" Jones vs. Anthony "Lowbrow" Davis

In the middle: Omer "Black Hole" Asik vs. Robin "Shaq's Choice" Lopez

Players To Watch - Houston

With Patrick Patterson out, Terrance Jones has another chance to showcase his all around game. Royce White is a week further along with the coaching staff and has yet to see significant minutes or showcase his game. Jeremy Lin is always on everyone's radar. Shaun Livingston has impressed this week behind closed doors, can he impress in New Orleans? Will Marcus Morris get a chance to follow up his impressive 2012-13 Rockets debut?

Players to Watch - New Orleans

Anthony Davis. On Monday Davis had 17 rebounds. You never know how Davis is going to impact the game and I don't think that's something Davis has quite figured out either but whether it's on one end or the other he will find a way to contribute.

TDS readers: Who makes in impact tonight?