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Polygon launches, so go read up on NBA2K13

Vox Media's third leg is here. You've heard of The Verge (tech), you've perused SB Nation (sports) and now you can get your gaming fix taken care of at Polygon.


Vox Media is growing pretty rapidly, in case you haven't noticed. And while there won't be too many changes for a while — we've made plenty of late — the latest change should prove to be a pretty cool addition.

Polygon deals with games. Lots of games. And chief among your concerns should be NBA 2K13, the latest in a string of successful 2K basketball games. Polygon's people got a look at the whole thing a few weeks back and wrote up a review. Here's a quick excerpt:

NBA 2K13 doesn't play it safe. Considering the NBA 2K franchise's three-year lack of competition, developer Visual Concepts could get away with sticking to the basics. But year in, year out, the studio continues to execute on its vision of a relentlessly modern basketball simulation with a presentation that's unparalleled across the sports genre.

This year, Visual Concepts brought in rapper and entertainment mogul Jay-Z as "executive producer." You may be skeptical of the value of that position - I certainly was - but its impact is felt from the moment you boot up NBA 2K13.

Jay-Z's touch aids Visual Concepts' efforts to put together a full-on NBA experience, something that's more than just an accurate simulation of basketball. Of course, that's there too, along with a few nods toward accessibility. But NBA 2K13 uses Jay-Z's music background to infuse a hip-hop soul into presentation, an element of sports games that tends to be unremarkable at best.

Enjoy Polygon, everyone.