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Rockets will waive Forbes, Brockman and Johnson

The Houston Rockets have some maneuvering to do in order to make the pieces fit in the James Harden trade. For starters, they'll waive three players acquired earlier in the offseason.


The Rockets have a busy few days ahead of them, as they have to finally nail down a 15-man roster after acquiring James Harden and three other players. According to Jonathan Feigen, the first step will involve the following guys:

The Rockets are expected to officially waive Gary Forbes, Jon Brockman and JaJuan Johnson on Monday.

They still must make two more cuts.

Forbes averaged seven points in five preseason games, averaging 14.2 minutes per game. Johnson averaged five points in two preseason games.

The moves come as the Rockets try to finalize their roster heading into Wednesday's season opener at Detroit.

I'm a little surprised to see Johnson go, as I thought he was a much better prospect than Cole Aldrich. I really don't like Cole Aldrich — mostly because he is from Kansas — but also because I don't see a whole lot of potential there, at least compared to Johnson. But Aldrich is a tad bit bigger and stronger, so maybe that played into the equation? Who knows.

As Feigen said, two more cuts should happen today.