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VIDEO: Breakdown of the James Harden trade

Tom Martin joins SB Nation's Seth Pollack on Google Hangouts to talk Rockets, James Harden and what this insanity means for everyone.

In case you're more of a video person, I got together with Seth Pollack on Google Hangouts Sunday afternoon to talk about the Rockets' perspective of the James Harden deal (or, rather, my perspective of the Rockets perspective... or something like that).

Here's a breakdown of the video:

1. Initial reaction (0:00 - 0:28)

2. Where was I when I first heard? (0:28 - 1:20)

3. Any notion that Harden was on the Rockets' radar? (1:20 - 2:33)

4. Thoughts on the trade for Houston? (2:33 - 4:36)

5. How does a Lin/Harden backcourt work? (4:36 - 6:26)

6. Any qualms giving Harden the max contract? (6:26 - 7:10)

7. Any concerns with the deal? (7:10 - 8:27)

8. Culture changes for Houston's fanbase (8:27 - 10:08)

Hope you guys enjoy. We'll have more coverage of this with some featured guests throughout the week, if at all possible. Stay tuned, and keep checking in for more updates.