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Houston Rockets agree with James Harden on five-year contract extension

The expected result is finally here. James Harden will be under contract for the next six years.


The Rockets have reportedly agreed on a contract extension with James Harden for a five-year, $78.6 million pact, locking up the 23 year old shooting guard for the next six years. This had been the expectation all along, but finally having the agreement done does let Rockets fans breathe a sigh of relief.

His Wojness was the first to report, as always.

As Jonathan Feigen writes, Harden is expected to formally sign the agreement tonight before the game in Detroit:

The Rockets acquired Harden on Saturday with the intension [sic] of locking him up with a max contract offer to make him the foundation of their rebuilding after the Thunder could not meet his terms on a contract extension.

Harden next season will become the highest paid Rockets player since Yao Ming's retirement, reaching agreement eight years almost to the day since Tracy McGrady signed a max contract extension shortly before a Rockets season opener against the Pistons.

At the very least, let's hope the next six years go a bit better than the six we had with McGrady.

My thoughts on the deal were quite clear, but what say you? Is it too much for Harden, or was it the right move for the Rockets to start building their franchise around the Bearded One? Sound off in the comments!