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The Dream Links: Monday, October 8

Because we'd like to help you be more unproductive at work.

Let's get to it.

Rocket Reads:

Knicks' Chandler: Jeremy Lin was 'inexperienced', knowledge 'wasn't there' - NBA - Sporting News

NBA Countdown: No. 28 Houston Rockets -
Every day will unveil a new NBA preview as it ranks the NBA teams heading into the NBA season. At No. 28, the Houston Rockets.

Ultimate Rockets » Season of discontent helps motivate Rockets veteran guard Martin
Is anyone else excited at the prospect that Martin will actually, you know, be good and stuff?

Hesse: The Houston problem - ESPNFC
Uli Hesse wonders whether stats can one day be used to identify star players of the future.

Rookies Will Determine the Fate of the Houston Rockets in 2012-2013
The Houston Rockets will only be as successful as their rookie allow them to be. There is a potential super star in that group.

Could Jeremy Lin and Houston Rockets Court... | Gather
DeMarcus Cousins a Rocket? Get. OUT!

NBA Capsules - State: A star Rockets rookie faces his fear of flying - Brownsville Herald: National
This is about the most sensible thing I've read about everyone's favorite non-Head Case.

Around the Association:

NBA releases flop rule video to provide clarification - NBA - Sporting News

Isiah Thomas interested in ESPN NBA analyst position - NBA - Sporting News