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Houston Rockets vs. Detroit Pistons game preview

The season comes full circle just six games in as the Rockets square off against their opening night foe, the Detroit Pistons.

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Super duper short preview because 1. I've got a test on Monday and 2. we've already played the Pistons so we've seen them before.

Both teams are coming off road games, and in fact Detroit's flight from OKC was shorter than the Rockets' from Memphis, so neither team should have much of an advantage in that regard.

The Pistons are 0-6 and off to their worst start in 33 years. Yikes.

For the Rockets, tonight is simple: win by any means necessary.

Chandler Parsons looks to have gotten back on track, and Jeremy Lin played well in spurts as well. Omer Asik didn't shoot under 40% against Memphis and is staying out of foul trouble early this season.

Obviously, James Harden is becoming a worrisome point, but as defenses key on him it's going to be tough sledding. I think he's also in a bit of a slump and feels the need to do too much. If he relaxes a bit and lets the game come to him it's going to work itself out.

And to everyone clamoring for the rookies to get playing time: stop it.

I remember when the same people were yelling that Terrence Williams was supposed to play. I remember, because I was one of them. Granted, that was Adelman and now it's McHale. But both coaches are guys who appreciate veterans and players who have played in their system.

Finally, the Rockets outplayed the Grizzlies in almost every category. Memphis outplayed the Rockets in two major areas though: turnovers and second-half play.

Those are problems a young team will have, especially a team that hasn't played together very much.

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