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The Dream Links: Monday November 12

Where we got a big freaking case of the Mondays

Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

It's an admittedly slim pickings but I thinking about adding some stuff this week which I know you'll like. Stay tuned.

Houston Rockets' Jeremy Lin may have been biggest fan of Rockets’ trade for James Harden - NY Daily News
Monday night in Houston was originally one of those must-see, circle-the-date games for NBA fans, as much as it was for Jeremy Lin. Because that was the night the former Knick phenom was going to see if he could so much as dribble the ball up the court against the Miami Heat.

Kevin McHale leaves team for family reasons and players voice support
Houston Rocket players broke a three-game losing streak Saturday but see why their thoughts were focused on Kevin McHale.

Could Jeremy Lin Help the Houston Rockets Steal... | Gather
While 2012 belongs to another team its still unclear what the future holds for Dwight Howard. The Houston Rockets made big splashes already this year...

The NBA's transformation into an Internet-friendly juggernaut - Grantland
In memory of the time before the basketball blogosphere was swallowed by the mainstream media machine.

Marques Johnson, Former NBA Star, Can Still Dunk At 56 Years Old
Twenty-three years after retiring from the NBA, Marques Johnson clearly still has game -- and he has video evidence to prove it. The former Milwaukee Bucks All-Star and UCLA Bruins legend recently filmed himself dunking in what has become an annual birthday tradition.