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Royce White continues case against Rockets on Twitter

Royce White and the Houston Rockets appear so far apart that White is legitimately talking about ending his career in favor of bettering his health.

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But wait, there's more.

We heard from Royce White earlier tonight through a statement. He's clearly not happy with how the Rockets are treating him, and while the legitimacy of his complaints is incredibly debatable, he's not going to go away quietly.

Case in point: This Twitter rant White railed off shortly after the public got word of his statement:

For his health purposes, we should all hope Royce is okay. But for basketball purposes, these tweets are just the worst.

White's path to success was always going to be determined by the elasticity (or stretchability) of the line between White being able to deal with his issues and White asking for too much help. Apparently that line is incredibly elastic, and Royce has stretched it so far towards the second option that he may indeed be willing to give up basketball altogether if his "requests" aren't met.

As fans, we're clearly on a different page. We figure, "Hey, he's a professional athlete, he'll do whatever he can to play." Well, Royce isn't your normal professional athlete. And the worst part about all of this is that there doesn't appear to be a specific incident that set the two sides apart. Instead, it's a difference in mindset and philosophy, and for Royce, that gap is going to be RIDICULOUSLY difficult to close, especially with a team that openly calls its players "assets." Obviously, tweeting about private affairs isn't going to help anything.

Keep checking back with us, but perhaps what we thought was a temporary roadblock could instead end up blowing up in everyone's face sooner than we ever could have imagined.