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Houston Home Opener: Trail Blazers vs. Rockets

The Houston Rockets take on the Portland Trail Blazer's at home underneath the Toyota Center's brand new, enormous screen. Future Rocket LaMarcus Aldridge and newcomer Damian Lillard will try to ride the momentum from their opening game upset win over the Nashty L.A. Lakers.

2012/2013 NBA Season



November 3, 2012
Toyota Center
7:00 PM CST
Starting Lineups
Damian Lillard PG Jeremy Lin
Wesley Matthews SG James Harden
Nicolas Batum SF Chandler Parsons
LaMarcus Aldridge PF Patrick Patterson
J.J. Hickson C Omer Asik
2011/12 Advanced Stats
91.2 (15th of 30) Pace 91.6 (11th)
105.7 (11th of 30)
ORtg 105.5 (12th of 30)
106.4 (23rd of 30)
DRtg 105.2 (17th of 30)
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