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VIDEO: James Harden finds your beard questions to be hilarious

A reporter tries to get cute with James Harden, and the result is really, really awkward.

You'd think that after a game in which he scored 45 points, James Harden might be in a really good mood. Perhaps even good enough to put up with a stupid opening question from a reporter during his media availability. Apparently not.

The first ten seconds of the video is really all you need to see, but here's the fantastic exchange, in which a reporter tries to make a joke about a beard that Harden A) Hears about every day, and B) Has sported for over a year now:

Reporter: That's a great start to No Shave November, huh?

Harden: [makes combination of clearing throat noise and tremendously douchey fake laughing noise]

Reporter [clinging to his original plot to get an answer to his joke]: Yeah, great start....

(awkward three-second pause while James looks like he wants to die)

Reporter: ... can you talk about the fourth quarter...?

I'm really glad I'm still in school, so I can look at videos like these and know what questions not to ask when and if I get a job. My goodness.