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Sneak Peek: Houston's newest James Harden billboards

Not gonna lie, folks: These look pretty sweet.

Feast your eyes on these, the next wave of Houston Rockets billboards to sweep the city of Houston.

I could do without the second board, actually. Poor media headlines have killed off any reason to use "Houston, we have a ______" in anything ever again. I'm sick of it to the point that even thrusting the word 'beard' in there makes me a feel a little queezy.

Otherwise, I'm a fan. You knew the marketing team would go with Beard-Sanity. That's a given. But my favorite is the third board: "The Beard Has Landed." I'm a fan of personifying just about any random object, so doing the same with basketball's favorite beard was a must. Well done, marketing folks, well done.

In the meantime, the Rockets are off today. They'll take on the Denver Nuggets tomorrow night in a game I think could be rather ugly for Houston. But we'll see. The Nuggets haven't exactly lived up to expectations yet, and Unstoppabeard may yet make another appearance.